Athletes' Information Guide

Please review our athletes guide for all general infiormation.

Updated version September 2nd, 2021 - PDF

Athletes’ Briefing Sessions

Information sessions for all athletes will be held Friday (for all races) and Saturday (for Sunday's races only) in front of the big white tent. Please check the Schedule for the exact times.

If you cannot attend any of the briefing sessions, there will be mini-briefing sessions (15 minutes before each wave) given by one of the officials. Please keep in mind that these mini-briefings are not as complete as the full sessions.

Esprit Triathlon Rules

All rules of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and Triathlon Canada apply. Please be sure you understand the drafting violation rules. 

ITU Rules

Triathlon Québec

Drafting Rules - See page 26 of ITU Rules, or page 7 of Triathlon Québec rules (available in French only)



In order to hold this event in a safe and secure manner following public health recommendations, it will be essential to follow these mandatory health rules :

1. Before leaving your house for the event or before coming to pick up your participant kit: complete the COVID Symptoms Questionnaire available here: If you answered yes to any of the questions on the questionnaire, do not show up to the event.

2. The face mask is mandatory at all times (indoor and outdoor) and for everyone (participants, volunteers, etc.) while on the site of the Triathlon Esprit (zone 1 and 2-see information below). Please put on your mask as soon as you get out of your car and keep it on until you leave. The only time a mask is not mandatory is when you are competing. You will therefore be allowed to remove your mask in the swim start area. At this time, you will have the option of removing your mask and throwing it in the trash or keeping it with you in your wetsuit. You will be given a mask upon your arrival at the finish line and it will be mandatory to wear it.

3. Respect the 2m distance at all times.

4. Follow the signs and the directions for participant’s kit pick up, the transition and the    start.

5. Disinfect your hands at the disinfection stations.

6. Respect the arrival procedure (see Arrival Procedure Section)

7. Please leave the event site as soon as your competition is over.

*The Esprit Triathlon reserves the right to impose sanctions on participants that do not respect these mandatory health rules. Sanction may include expulsion from the Venue and disqualification.



Race Kit Pick-Up

LOCATION: CAFETERIA in the Athletes' Quarter - P2 Parking Lot

Address: 130, chemin du Tour-de-l'Isle - Montreal, Quebec H3C 4G8

* Make sure you have your mask, confirmation email and race number before entering.

The participant's kit includes:

- a bathing cap;
- a race bib;
- stickers with numbers for your bike and helmet;
- course map;

To prevent large group gatherings and waiting time on the day of the event, we strongly encourage you to pick up your race kit during the week leading up to the event. We have added time slots for the distribution of participant’s kit. The race kits will be given every day of the week before the event between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. according to the following schedule:

The week before the event :

Monday, September 7th                      4 h - 7 h pm

Tuesday, September 8th                      4 h - 7 h pm

Wednesday, September 9th                 4 h - 7 h pm

Thursday, September 10th                   4 h - 7 h pm

Friday, September 11th                      4 h - 7 h pm

During the event :

Saturday September 12th         05 h 30 - 11 h 30 * Sunday participants cannot pick up their race kit on Saturday.

Sunday September 13th           05 h 30 - 11 h 30

Participants who cannot pick up their race kit during the week before the event can do so at the earliest, 1 hour 30 minutes before their start time. For example, if your departure is at 10:30 am, you cannot pick up your bib before 9:00 am. Anyone who arrives at the race kit distribution more than 1h30 in advance will not receive their participant’s kit until 1h30 before their departure.


Parking is always an issue on the island.

Whether you are an athlete, a supporter, or even a volunteer, you must pay for parking and have your parking stub visible on your dashboard.

If you are only racing on Sunday and decide to pick-up your race kit on Saturday, be aware that you will be asked to pay $20 for parking. This is a requirement of Parc Jean-Drapeau that is completely out of our control. Use public transportation; the Metro Jean-Drapeau is less than a five-minute walk to the site. 

On race day, please ask your supporters to take the Metro to our race site. If you are simply dropping off an athlete or family, there is a "drop off area" on the Metro side of the small Cosmos Bridge. Do not drive across this bridge unless you are planning to stay. Île Notre-Dame, the race site, can accommodate 1200 cars. Late arrivals, unable to access this parking, will be directed to parking lots on neighbouring Ile Ste-Helene. The distance from these lots to Ile Notre-Dame is 600 m.

Timing Chip & Body Marking

We are using the Pro-System Timing Chip. Because these chips are so sensitive, you can pick up your timing chip at the Sportstats tent on race day and only as you walk in the swim zone for your wave start. The chip has to be worn on the ankle and returned at the finish line. There will be a $75 fee if you do not return your chip.

Body marking - Volunteers will be waiting for you in front of the big white tent on race day.

Toilets & Showers 

The Athletes' Quarters were fully renovated in 2016 and they look fantastic. We now have access to brand new washrooms and showers!

On the cycle course, there are 2 port-o-johns located at the “Pits Area”. On the run course there are two port-o-johns at the far end of the basin.

Medical Supervision & Massage

Medical supervision will be evident throughout the race. The medical staff has the right to stop any participant during the triathlon or to disqualify an athlete for his own safety. However, please remember that if a medic stops you or if you receive medical attention on the course, this does not mean that you will be disqualified.

We will have numerous "first-responders" throughout the course. The main medical area with our race doctor is located in the Athletes' Quarters close to the finish line.

Massages are available on site at a nominal fee.

Aid Stations

On the bike course, our “pits” area is located right before the hairpin, on the left-hand side of the track.

On the run course, there is four (4) water stops as you run around the Olympic Basin.  All aid stations will offer water and Pro Circuit products.

Finisher's Medals

Unfortunately, the health standards imposed by Triathlon Québec do not allow the awarding of participant medals and t-shirts.

All Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Athletes

The Triathlon Esprit de Montréal has a standing policy that all Canadian Olympic athletes, summer or winter, regardless of their sport, receive a complimentary entry to our race. Our purpose is not to promote your presence, but rather to invite you to take part in our event. We feel privilege to have such accomplished athletes at our race. If you are a past olympic or paralympic athlete, please contact us at

Upon Arrival at the Race Site

Go to the registration in the Cafeteria in the Athletes' Quarters - big grey building along the Basin.

Register and receive your packet. This will include your swim cap, race bib number and bike number.

Check that your name, age group and other information are correct. Remember that your age group is based on your age at the end of year, not your age on race day.

Verify your wave start time.

Put your bike number on your bike.

Get body marked just outside of the big white tent. 

Once you have all of your race numbers, you are ready to enter the Transition Area.

In the Transition Area make sure you select the correct bike rack row for your race and your wave start.

You can get your timing chip right beside the entrance to the swim start. This is the last thing you do before entering the swim zone.

Novice Seminar

The Montreal Esprit Triathlon is a great place for new athletes. All new athletes are welcome!!! 

The Montreal Esprit Triathlon is proud to offer new triathletes a “Pre-Race Triathlon Seminar” free-of-charge on Thursday before race day at the Olympic Basin. One of our coaches will show you the course, explain the rules and help you better navigate the transition area. 

Spaces are limited! You MUST register.  The session is free of charge and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Training on the Island

If you are in the Montreal area and wish to train on Île Notre-Dame, you may do so. The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is always open for cycling and you may run just about anywhere on the island. 

However, there is no swimming permitted in the Olympic Rowing Basin, except on Friday during registration, and Saturday afternoon when the Parc Jean-Drapeau authorities permit triathletes to “try out the water” and only in lane 0 (see Shedule of Events). It is important to stay in Lane 6 since the Basin is opened for other teams such as dragon-boat, kayaks, etc. It is strictly forbidden to swim in the Basin at any other time.


Water Temperature and Wetsuit Rental

Based on past experiences, the water temperature is expected to be around 21°C (72°F). We follow Triathlon Québec's rules. If the water is too warm and wetsuits are not allowed, you can still wear it, but you'll have to join the last wave start (Wetsuit start).

Should you need to rent a wetsuit, our partner Natation Plus can help you.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found articles should be brought to, or picked up, at the race registration in the cafeteria of the Athletes' Quarter. You can reach us after the race at

Host Hotel


Our host hotel is the CENTRE SHERATON MONTRÉAL HÔTEL located at 1201, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal (Québec) H3B 2L7, Canada.  You can reserve online. The registration cut-off date for this room rate is August 10, 2017.

We are using the CENTRE SHERATON MONTRÉAL HÔTEL because they are allowing athletes to take their bikes into the hotel rooms. No other hotel has allowed this in the past. We ask you not to abuse this privilege and to please keep your hotel room clean from any grease and dirt.


The organizers of the Triathlon Esprit de Montréal offer all participants their race pictures free of charge.

You can find them at

Share your pictures with us and you may see them on our website. Contact us at: