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Esprit Triathlon Rules

For the most important rules applicable to the Esprit Triathlon, please refer to the Athlete's Guide.

The Triathlon Esprit is sanctioned by Triathlon Québec and accordingly, the Triathlon Québec Competition Rules apply. 


Registration & Race Kit Pick-up

*This information may be changed should the Government Rules be relaxed prior to the event.


Athletes' Quarters (Cafeteria)- P2 Parking Lot

Address: 140, chemin du Chenal Lemoyne- Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4G8

* Make sure you have your mask, confirmation email and race number before entering.
The participant's kit includes:
- a bathing cap
- a race bib
- stickers with numbers for your bike and helmet- course map
- a colored race bracelet that you must wear the day of your event to access the venue. The volunteers will verify only the color of your bracelet to give you access to the venue.

To prevent large group gatherings and waiting time on the day of the event, we strongly encourage you to pick up your race kit during the week leading up to the event. We have added time slots for the distribution of participants’ kits. The race kits will be given every day of the week before the event between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. according to the following schedule:

The week before the event: Monday, September 6th - Friday, September 10th, 2021 4h - 7hpm

During the event: Saturday September 11th 05 h 30 – 14h00
* Sunday participants cannot pick up their race kiton Saturday. They must pick it up during the week or on Sunday before their race.
Sunday September 12th 05 h 30 – 14 h 00

Participants who cannot pick up their race kit during the week can do so at the earliest, 1 hour 30 minutes before their start time. For example, if your departure is at 10:30 am, you cannot pick up your bib before 9:00 am. Anyone who arrives at the race kit distribution more than 1h30 in advance will not receive their participant’s kit until 1h30 before their departure.


Cars parked at Parc Jean-Drapeau must pay the parking fees. You can purchase a parking pass for $ 25 when picking up your participant’s kit the week before the event. We sell parking passes for the sole purpose of speeding up access to Parc Jean- Drapeau. It is also possible to pay for parking on site at the same price.Please note that the purchase of a parking pass does not guarantee you a parking space near the start and the transition zone. Parking spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. When the parking next to the transition zone is full, cars will be redirected towards other parking lots on Notre-Dame island (ie. P1 next to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve hairpin). You will need to planapproximately 10 minutes of walking time to reach the transition zone. Make sure you follow the signs that lead to the transition zone and Athletes’ Quarters. Lost or forgotten parking passes cannot be replaced.”

 Training on the Island

Swimming in the basin is FORBIDDEN at all times.  The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is always open to cyclist who wish to train on the island during the year.  Remember, when training you are riding clockwise.  The Esprit cycle segment rides counter-clockwise!  There are plenty of areas to run on the island, especially around the basin walls.

Timing Chip

Timing chip

The timing chip will be available at the entrance of the transition area. Make sure you put the chip on your ankle before you go to the start line. If you don't have your chip, you won't have an official time.

For Relay Teams, each team member will receive a separate timing chip (this is subject to change should COVID measures be relaxed).At the end of your event, we will exchange the chip for a mask and a snack bag.

There will be a charge of $75 if you do not return the chip after the race.


Body Marking

Body marking

Body marking allows you to identify other participants in the same event and allows volunteers and officials to know who you are.

In order to avoid any physical contact with our volunteers, we ask you to do your own marking the day before or the morning of the event. The procedure is as follows:
Using a large black marker, mark your race number in large numbers on the sides of both your arms and both legs. On your left calf write the initials of your event and your age on December 31st, 2021 (shown below).


Lost & Found

I lost something. Did you find it?

Lost & Found articles should be brought to, or picked up, at the main registration table in the cafeteria. If you realize you're missing something when you get home, you can email us at info@esprittriathlon.com. We'll let you know if we have it.

Refunds / Cancellations

In keeping with its practices from previous years, the Esprit Triathlon offers you one of the best cancellation and refund policies in the sport of Triathlon. Prior to August 31, 2021, any participant can request a 75% refund on any entry fee, no questions asked. Online registration fees from Events.com cannot be refunded as part of this policy, but Triathlon Quebec fees will be refunded. To obtain a refund, please email your request to: info@esprittriathlon.com. After August 31 2021, no refunds will be accepted.

Should the event be cancelled by the organizing committee due to COVID restrictions, the Esprit Triathlon will reimburse 100% of the entry fee to any participant who did not request a reimbursement prior to August 31, 2020. Online registration fees from Events.com cannot be refunded as part of this policy, but Triathlon Quebec fees will be refunded.