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Duathlon [Olympic/Sprint]

Duathlon Olympic (18+) & Duathlon Sprint (16+)

Both races are on SUNDAY (NEW THIS YEAR)

The information contained in this section is specific to athletes who wish to complete an Olympic or Sprint Duathlon distance.
This is an indivual event only (no relay teams).


1st RUN BIKE 2nd RUN

1st RUN

The race starts at the back of the Transition Area where you will go directly onto the basin wall. You will circle the Rowing Basin and complete one lap (Sprint) or two laps (Olympic). Once you’ve completed your lap(s), follow the directions of the volunteers and run over the swimmers' bridge to the Transition Area.

There will be four (4) water stops which will provide water and Pro-Circuit



The 20 km (Sprint) or 40 km (Olympic) bike portion of the race consists of completing four (4) laps for the Sprint and nine (9) laps for the Olympic distance around the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, which is the site of the Formula One Canadian Grand-Prix.  The 4.3 km loop has the best road surface in North America. 

Your lap count will be shown on a giant screen.  You name and bib number will appear on the monitor on lap 3 and 4 (Sprint), or laps 5, 7, 8, 9 (Olympic). When you see your name with the number 4 or 9, you must exit. 

Bib                Name                          Lap Completed
101                 Jerome McEniry        9

Our “pits” area is located right before the hairpin, on the left-hand side of the track. The aid station will provide bottled water, bike mechanic, massage and medical personnel. Please discard the used bottles and other unwanted items in the designated hockey nets around the pits area.

Safety Notes
IMPORTANT: Although there is no time limit to complete the bike course, please remember that this is a race. Officials have the right to remove athletes from the Circuit if they are considered to be a safety concern for other athletes.

Since the bike course is counter-clock wise on the Circuit, all cyclists should stay left except to pass. Remember to never cut corners, as faster cyclists may be coming from behind. As you near the completion of your final lap, stay right as your approach the hairpin in order to exit the Circuit. 

No Bike Inspection 

There will be no bike inspection.  You are responsible for the safety of your equipment. Mechanics from MARTIN SWISS CYCLE will be on hand at registration and during the race to help you with any minor repairs or adjustments.

2nd RUN


The second run portion is 5 km. The run starts at the back of the Transition Area where you will go directly onto the basin wall. From there, you will run directly to the finish line. Supporters will cheer you on as you run pass the grandstands.

Aid Stations: There will be four (4) water stops, which will provide water and Pro-Circuit products.


For the SPRINT DUATHLON, the second run portion is 2.5 km. The run starts at the back of the Transition Area where you will go directly onto the basin wall. At the 1000 meter mark, you will see a quay crossing the basin. Not only will you be able to brag that you completed a Duathlon, but you'll be able to say that you ran on water!!! After you cross the basin, run directly to the finish line.




Race Kit Pick-Up

It is recommended to pick-up your race packet on Friday before the race in the Cafeteria at the Olympic Basin. See the full schedule here. If you cannot make it, please make sure you arrive at least two hours before your wave start time.

Timing Chip & Body Marking

You must pick-up your timing chip at the green Sportstats tent on race day only near the big white tent. The chip has to be worn on the ankle and returned at the finish line. There will be a $75 fee if you do not return your chip.

Body marking is located near the big white tent. You may "self body mark" to save time.  Numbers go on the outside of both arms and outside of both thighs.  On your right calf, write your age as of December 31, 2018.


All finishers will receive a finisher's medal and will be able to print a certificate after the race. 


Meals are served in the big white tent. Please remember that you swim, bike, run and then you eat - in that order! 

Toilets & Showers 

The Athletes' Quarter went through a major renovations in 2016. We now have access to brand new toilets and showers. On the cycle course, there are 2 port-o-johns located at the “Pits Area”. On the run course there are 2 port-o-johns at the far end of the basin. There are many indoor toilets at the Garage Grand-Prix on the north side of the basin.

Medical / Massage

Our medical staff will keep an eye on our athletes throughout the race. The medical staff has the right to stop any participant during the race for his own safety. However, please remember that if a medic stops you, or if you receive medical attention on the course, this does not mean that you will be disqualified. 

Please note that we will have numerous "first responders" circling the course. The main medical area with our race doctor is located in the Athletes' Quarters close to the finish line. 

In order to receive a massage, you MUST take a shower first (available in the Athletes' Quarters – long grey building along the finish line). Massages will be available near the awards tent for all triathletes for a minimal fee.

Novice Seminar

The Montreal Esprit Triathlon is a great place for new athletes. All new athletes all welcome!!!

The Montreal Esprit Triathlon is proud to offer new triathletes a “Pre-Race Triathlon Seminar” free-of-charge on Thursday prior to the race at the Olympic Basin.
In collaboration with Triathlon Québec, TQ officials will you show you the course, explain the rules and help you better navigate the transition area.

Space is limited! You MUST register.
The session is free of charge and offered on a first come, first serve basis.